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This is an archive for featured articles, past and present, but not future. They are listed from oldest to latest.

November 2007

Aang is the Avatar and the main hero of the show. He travels the world with Katara, Sokka and Toph learning to master the four elements and helping the people of the world on his way. After being trapped in an iceberg for 100 years and allowing the Fire Nation to terrorise the world with a horrific war, Aang is trying his best to rectify the damage done by defeating Fire Lord Ozai and restoring peace to the world.

December 2007

Toph is a blind Earthbender and a member of Team Avatar. She has a rather stubborn attitude but is always at hand when she is needed. Although her blindness may be a disability to her, it is a major power up for her earthnebding as it allows her to sense virbrations and pulsations in the ground sho she can determine if they are being attacked, she can also sense her way through mazes and buildings by sending vibrations down paths.

January 2008

Momo is a Winged Lemur and a member of Team Avatar. Momo is more of the teams mascot although he has helped the team on many occasions. Momo also appears to have an extremly strong bond with Appa as when Appa went missing he flew over Ba Sing Se looking for him. Momo helps the human members of the team by gathering fruits and nuts for meals. Momo is also rather greedy and this little feature usually lands him or the team in trouble.

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